Saturday, August 30, 2014

Erika & Ryan Wedding Cards & Gifts

Well, here I am, back to my blog. I don't know why I have been away so long. I have a lot of things to share with you, but the biggest one right now is the cards and gifts I created for my dear nephew Ryan and his new bride Erika. Let's start with the wedding invitations.

Ryan and Erika asked me if I would do their wedding invitations for them. Of course I said yes, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I have never done invitations before, so I had to go online and research what needed to be done. Although I am only showing you the invitation, I also created the RSVP's and both the return envelopes and the envelopes for the invitations themselves. I added silver labels for the back of the envelopes and vellum to line the front of the invitation. Pretty much, whatever could go wrong, did go wrong on this. I am happy with the results, but it was a lot of work.

I created the frame using a cut file corner piece from Silhouette of America. I had to create a couple of the pieces to make the frame rectangle and not square. The original design was supposed to have clear triangle  crystals to give the appearance of diamond rings. However, even though I purchased them from 2 different parties, neither of them arrived in time. I was forced to use a hand-held triangle punch and silver glitter paper. I had to nip the tip off of each of them to fit the ring, but it worked out in the end. The frames were all cut with my Silhouette using Crystal Ice card stock and glued onto the Amethyst card stock. I used amethyst satin ribbon and a silver flower disk that I colored in the center with an amethyst Copic marker. I was very glad when they were finally

This is a card I made to give them at their rehearsal dinner, along with a gift and a gift box I made. I found this cut online on Pinterest. I did everything I could to locate this design. I looked for hours and hours and could not find out who it belonged to. It looked so much like Ryan and Erika, that I had to have it. I took a copy of the project I had seen and brought it into my Silhouette and traced it. A lot of it had to be fixed because it wouldn't cut correctly, but it is essentially the same project. I wish I could give credit to the person it belongs to. I used the same papers from their wedding invitations and added a heart with the sentiment and two different styles of heart bling.

This is the gift I made them. It's called The Mafia Game. Ryan and Erika introduced us to this game last November when we all gathered for my brother's Change of Command. This was one of the funnest games I've ever played. However, there was no actual game cards. Everything was just written on pieces of paper. So, I found images on the internet to make the game. I took the main image and removed the bottom and added The Mafia Game and bullet holes. This is on the back of each of the cards. I made the sheriff, doctor, mafia and town person and had to print them twice...once for the front of the card and then for the back. Then I cut them out and used a corner punch for the corners. Then I used these pocket-style laminating sheets I purchased from Costco to laminate each one. Then, using my Silhouette, I created a black card box and decorated it with the same background. They absolutely LOVED this when they opened it.

This is the gift box I created to put The Mafia Game in for them. This was a cut file from Silhouette. I used the Crystal Ice card stock from their invitations and a shimmery black card stock for the "tuxedo" portion. For the bouquet, I used the amethyst card stock and I used a Queen & Co. flower crystal for the center. It got a little crushed in my suitcase, but it was still

This is the wedding card and envelope I made for them. Again, I used the same card stocks from the invitations. The card is a gatefold cut file from Monica's Creative Room. I loved all the hearts on this card. The cut file I used for the envelope is from Silhouette of America. I added a TON of bling on this card. For the center, I cut 2 large amethyst hearts, one for the left, one for the right. I cut 4 white smaller hearts. Since I was using Bazzill's magnets to hold it closed, I needed to hide them. I found the diamond ring and wedding band at Michael's. If you read above about the triangle crystals and how they never arrived, they finally did and I used them on the tips of each of the flowers to bling them out. I had a blast blinging out this card. I hope you can see it all. I am adding two more views of the opened and a close-up of the insert.



Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I created for my nephew and new niece. Sorry this post was so long, but I wanted to keep all of the pictures together.


  1. Susan, I know how much work you put into this, but the final results were absolutely STUNNING!!! I especially loved the wedding card, Your nephew and his bride will treasure these, most especially because they were made by you!

  2. My goodness girl! You surely did an awesome job for them with the beautiful invitations and the cards and gifts you created. I know it can be a lot of work, as I did the invitations for my son's wedding but it was a small intimate affair so did not require quite as much as what you put into these. No wonder you were missing in action as I am sure this pretty much occupied your time. But it was well worth it and I love the colors they chose too. And, I am sure the love you put into them will be appreciated all their married life together. So I applaud you on a job well done!

  3. Glad you are posting again. I have been thinking abour you and was going to e-mail to see if you were alright. Now I know you've just been busy. Your nephew is lucky to have you. Wonderful designs. I am looking forward to seeing more desaigns from you. You are always an inspiration.

  4. WOW! My goodness your projects and cards are AMAZING!!! I can tell they were a lot of work but, I bet they were hugely appreciated!! Stunning creations -- I love the looks of that game too -- fun images you found~ job well done!

  5. Absolutely stunning! Love all the matching pieces and the intricate details. Your die cuts are amazing. Love the game cards idea...such a personalized and unique gift. Your creativity always amazes me. GREAT JOB!!

  6. OMG Susan what a talent you are. Absolutely STUNNING to everything you have made. Soooooooooooo much work and love has gone into all you have made. Beautiful work. Ryan and his new bride Erika are so lucky to have such a talented Aunt in the family.

  7. OMGosh...if your are tired, I surely understand. OMG...awesome, elegant, beautiful, outstanding and I know I have already said awesome but WOW. I will not show my son what he didn't get...haha

  8. Wow! One look at all these wonderful projects and I see why you didn't have time to blog! These are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'm sure these were all very special for your nephew and bride!

    I'm thinking I need to start saving for a Cameo. Though my Cricut E has done very well for me, it would never handle these intricate files.

  9. Gosh, you are amazing! Not only is each card and gift phenomenal but the love and care you put into each creation shows. What outstanding work! Everything is gorgeous!